How to write a professional resume for a job?

How to write a professional resume for a job?

A perfect resume for a job can be a master key to open the door of any dream organization.

75% of resumes do not even get through the applicant tracking system. In simple words, a job application can be screened out despite having excellent expertise in the required skills if the resume did not craft carefully.  

Gaining an appointment for an interview is highly competitive. Moreover, the work you call your dream job has selected dozens of candidates out of a hundred. Furthermore, with your old and boring resume, you were not among the chosen ones.

With that said, what’s the mantra to crush your opponent’s way through your dream job? 

An effective resume is a solution to your current situation. Hence, let us have a look at the step by step procedure of making a highly professional resume that stands out from the slew. So, here is what we will start with… 

What is a resume for a job? 

A resume for a job is a compilation of your core competencies, achievements, certifications, work experience, skills, education, and various other minute details that make you a perfect match for the job. In easy words, your resume is your first impression on the company.  

Essential ingredients to writing a professional resume for a job are

1. Pick a format

Before you start writing your information on a document, you need to decide a template for your professional resume. 

There are three major formats available – 

  • Functional format (based on skills), 
  • Reverse-chronological format (common), and 
  • Combination style. 

The majority of job seekers prefer going with a reverse-chronological resume for a job. However, you have all the liberty to go with your desired format. All you need to do is ensure that your resume reflects your personality. 

2. Write personal & contact details

When talking about contact and personal details, there are certain things that you must include and plenty of data that you should leave. For instance, you must include your name, email address, and phone number in your resume.

Moreover, you should also include a link to your social profiles, such as LinkedIn. However, make sure that you do not include a secondary email or additional phone number. Moreover, a photo is also likely to be avoided.

3. Provide a resume objective 

A recruiter likely deals with hundred of job resumes for single recruitment. In such a case, a recruiter doesn’t even pay attention to all the resumes and skims through all of them. Most of the time, the only thing that grabs the attention of a recruiter is a resume objective. Make your summary personalized and talk about your accomplishments and not everyday duties in your resume for the job.

4. State only relevant achievements and work experience 

Think of this section as a deciding factor and make it more compelling than the rest. Make sure your work experience includes your job title, company, timeframe, responsibilities, achievements, and keywords. Moreover, if you are adding more than one previous job experience, then follow the reverse-chronological order and add the most recent title first. Furthermore, make sure you use bullet points for responsibilities and achievements. 

5. Optimize work experience with keywords 

ATS can analyze your professional resume for a job before getting on the desk of HR. This automated software analyzes your resume and looks for specific keywords, based on which, they allot a score to your resume. In order to get through this, you need to head to the job description and look for keywords such as duties you’ve done earlier. For instance, if the job description says team management required, then include that you managed a team.

6. Provide educational qualifications in order 

Even though placing educational qualifications sounds like a no brainer, most people mess up this section badly. Therefore, when you add educational qualifications in your resume for a job, make sure that you add a degree in order of highest to lowest. If you have a university degree, don’t bother to add high school information. Lastly, feel free to include relevant coursework and awards.

7. List relevant skills 

As you already know, there are two skills, i.e., hard skills and soft skills. While hard skills talk about developed expertise, soft skills are life-learned abilities. A great skills section consists of both hard and soft skills in a great mixture. Hence, when you are making up this section, make sure that you only add skills that are relevant to the job description. For example, cooking is not a great skill for a software engineer.

8. Cover additional sections 

Almost all resumes for a job contain the sections mentioned above, and they all look the same. Therefore, if you want to make your professional resume distant, season it with additional sections. Under these sections, you can include anything about you, even the languages you speak fluently. As an example, you can feel free to add your interest and hobbies, certifications and awards, volunteer work, official publications, and even projects. 

9. Submit a cover letter 

You might be a little shocked, but the majority of recruiters believe that a resume is not enough to know everything about you. With that said, one can easily brag on a resume and steal opportunity from the one who deserves it. Therefore, if you want to stand out and prove your genuineness, you need to include a cover letter. With a cover letter, you can expand the sections you kept brief in your resume. Just make sure you stay genuine in your cover letter as much as you can, along with your resume for a job. 

10. Proofread for sure  

Lastly, you must take a look back at your resume and make sure everything is going smoothly. Think of yourself as a recruiter and analyze your resume as if you are hiring someone. Point out as many relevant mistakes as you can. Later on, just correct all the mistakes and mail the resume right away to your recruiter.

11. Add social profile URLs

If you want to make your resume for a job stand out from the slew, you must add your social media links to your resume. Adding social profiles will help increase the credibility of the resume. You can include URLs of social media channels like LinkedIn, IREER, etc. 

IREER is an International employee and employer rating platform. Adding reference of the IREER profile displaying ratings and reviews given by past employers will be a great add on to the resume.

Bottom Line 

Hit that email right now with your professional resume. By following the tips mentioned above, you’ll never fail to impress the HR. So, apply for your dream job right away. That’s all we have for today. 

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