How to retain staff in an organisation?

How to retain staff in an organisation?

One of the biggest challenges employers are facing today is finding and retaining good employees for a long. Retain staff in an organization is key to the long-term sustainability and success of a business.

A staff turnover percentage within normal limits can be good for a company. It simply means that with the arrival of new people, companies can get better ideas and new approaches.

However, each organization must have a strategy to retain high-performing employees that give it a competitive advantage.

There are reasons why employees resign that get out of the hands of the employer. Most of them are personal in nature, such as changes in the city of residence, wanting to allocate more time for children, new employment with the possibility of radically changing the lifestyle, or simply by decisions where the family intervenes.

However, there are other reasons why workers leave a company that can be remedied within it. Some of the reasons for an employee quitting his job are

  • Demotivation due to little recognition of the work done.
  • An employee does not have sufficient support or tools to carry out their work.
  • The worker feels that they do not have opportunities for personal or job growth.
  • Salary remuneration is not according to functions or the market.
  • Negative leadership style from the boss.
  • Very tense organizational climate.
  • An employee does not feel identified with the organizational culture of the company.
  • Work overload


It is important that the causes that lead an employee to quit his job are fully identified. Managers can measure this through exit interviews, employee surveys, and a few other techniques. These data are very useful for improving working conditions and build up strategies to retain staff in an organisation.


How can a manager retain staff in an organisation?

Managers working at corporates must understand that having a good team of employees is a blessing. They will do their job better than anyone else and increase productivity in the company. So, here a few ways to retain the best human talent in the corporate world.

1. Guarantee an adequate working environment

The main strategy has to do with creating and maintaining a workplace that attracts and retains a good employee in an organisation. This covers a series of topics, ranging from the development of the company’s mission and vision, culture, values, safe and adequate working conditions, creation of clear, logical and coherent policies and procedures that are translated into actions of the day by day not only that it remains on paper.

Good employees like an open leadership style where information flows. Feeling an important part increases commitment and the desire to stay.

2. Strengthen relationships and good treatment of employees

This strategy is framed in a way, relationships flow at all levels of the company. Therefore training on positive leadership for bosses and supervisors is essential.

It is very common for a less assertive personality of a boss to end up being the causal one of the resignation of an employee.

So, employers must review very well who they entrust the valuable work of directing, many cannot be worthy representatives of what you want and quite possibly intentionally, and due to lack of training, it is affecting the image to your business, making it an unpleasant place to work.

3. Promote and appraise employees who have clear goals in their lives

Help employees to set goals in their lives, and focus on where they want to go, show them how their personal goals coincide with organizational ones.

Let employees realize them staying in the company can achieve their goals. If people believe they can achieve their goals and objectives through work, they will think twice about wanting to change it. This will help to retain staff in an organisation.

Continous appraising employees for their good work is also the best way to retain staff in an organisation. Post rating and leaving a review on the International Registrar of Employees and Employers will definitely a sign of appraisal and motivation for employees.

4. Link the family to activities carried out by the company

Whenever possible, link the worker’s family, with very simple actions that are very representative of them, such as:

  • Managers can write a letter to the family, thanking them for supporting their employees.
  • Invite the employee’s family to the company and take a tour to show him the facilities and how he does his job.
  • Among the wellness programs include activities where the family is present such as sports and recreational days, training courses, parties, and special events.
  • Invite the family to all the public recognitions that are made to employees when they meet goals or obtain some benefit for excellent job performance.

5. Support employees when they require help

Organizations have to give employees the best tools and equipment to get the job done. When people feel they have what they need to do their jobs, satisfaction automatically increases. All employee support strategies are based on three basic principles:

  • Employees want to excel.
  • They need sufficient resources to do the job.
  • They need moral support from their bosses and managers.

The bosses and managers should not see the employee as a cog in a wheel, but as a valuable resource that helps the company’s growth, so they must be close and know the requirements they have to supply them in a timely manner. This will led to retain staff in an organisation for the long term.


Finally, it is clear that having adequate retention strategies is the key to decreasing the company’s turnover rates. Managers can implement the one that best meets the needs of their organization. So, the important thing is to be clear that employees need to feel valued and appreciated.

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