The Importance of Conducting Exit Interview?

The Importance of Conducting Exit Interview?

In all companies, the circumstance of staff turnover occurs; layoffs, renewals, and even voluntary exit. It is clear that in most cases, the worker leaving the company is somewhat complicated situation to manage. But there is an aspect that most companies do not take into account, and that can contribute a lot for the future. This is the exit interview.

The exit interviews play an important part in companies. It should be carried out on the exit employee to improve.

Knowing the reasons why this employee leaves the company helps us obtain valuable information about the work environment and work organization. But also, learn from the mistakes and know the reasons why those talented employees wanted to leave.

But is it worth conducting exit interviews at the company?

The answer is an absolute yes. These types of talks serve to know the reasons why the worker has decided to leave the company and start a new professional career voluntarily.

But it shouldn’t be like any usual talk. The interview must be well conducted and should not make the employee uncomfortable. It must contain specific questions and allow clear answers. Only in this way will the opinion of the former worker regarding the company be reliably known.

If the company doesn’t conduct exit interviews, it will never know why the employee left and why steps that the company can take to prevent it from further happening.

According to an OfficeTeam survey, about 63% of HR managers said that their company often acts on the information gathered during exit interviews. Either updating the job descriptions or promoting cultural transformation processes. The possibilities of change are not limited.

Who should be in charge of conducting an exit interview?

HR staff at least at the level of the manager must conduct the exit interviews. HR, the person in charge of carrying it out, is a professional in the field.

In no case should you be the direct boss or the manager of the corporation?

The employee who leaves may have some direct conflict with him or her. It is better than it is someone with whom the employee has not had too much contact during their work stage in the company.

Only this way, their responses will not be conditioned by the empathy or anything else they have with the person.

What to ask in an exit interview?

To make the exit interview useful for the company, here are some of the questions that HR can ask the leaving employee.

  • What were your expectations when you entered the company?
  • Do you think your bosses adequately recognize employee contributions? If not, how can recognition of achievement be promoted?
  • Were there any tasks that were difficult for you to do? What could the company do to facilitate the understanding of the functions?
  • Do you feel that you received the necessary training to advance the tasks of your role correctly?
  • What was the best part of working here?
  • Do you think the company provided you with the tools and resources necessary to do your job?
  • What should we change to improve the motivation of their peers?
  • Under what circumstances, if any, would you consider returning to the company?
  • What circumstances prompted you to look for another job?
  • Do you have any additional concerns about the company you would like to share?


How to treat and value the data collected in the exit interviews?

Once the exit interview is over, the interviewer should collect the data to compare with other such interviews. Besides, it is good to share this information with other members of the company’s Human Resources team to reach more content-rich conclusions.

On the other hand, the data collected must always be confidential. It is essential to know the reason for the worker’s departure.

If it is due to a specific problem, it is necessary to lay the foundations to solve it; for example, issues with a colleague or the boss. This will prevent the flight of other employees who are in a similar situation to the one that has left.


It must be obvious that exit interviews are not carried out of mere courtesy or to avoid other conflicts. However, it has a particular purpose: to close an employment relationship well and obtain relevant knowledge first hand. The most important thing is that the interviewee feels comfortable during the employee exit.

A fact that must follow some consequence or reinforce measures aimed at improving the perception of the company. One purpose is to make a good impression, but the main objective will be to enhance the employer brand.

It is also to illuminate suitable or necessary changes and also to foster ties, winning a new worthy employee.

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