A Most Common Mistakes in a CV to be avoided

A Most Common Mistakes in a CV to be avoided

Common mistakes in a CV are very frequent, and maybe the reason that many do not get to the job interview that the job seeker has been waiting for so long. 

Curriculum Vitae is the first thing that the coaches see. Their first impressions of the candidates will depend on what and how job applicants present in their CV.

It is easier than it seems to make mistakes when preparing your resume. 

Given the importance of this document, here are some of the most common mistakes in a CV. Any applicant must take into the account while writing a CV.

1. Put only as title “Curriculum Vitae”

One of the common mistakes in the CV that is usually more frequent is to put the title “Curriculum Vitae” only. 

It is preferable to put the applicant’s name than the rest of the text. And further, a job applicant can also include their personal information.


2. Have an inappropriate email address

Generally, the most common mistake that appeared on fresher CVs is that using a teenager age email id carrying informal words. 

It is better to create a professional email id before search a job and use the same while preparing the CV.


3. Misspellings in CV 

This is one of the worst common mistakes in the CV that job applicants can make. Today, there are many websites on the Internet where a job applicant can check for spelling and grammar mistakes.


4. Not adapting the Curriculum Vitae for the position

It is common to use the same CV for all job offers. However, even if they belong to the same sector, it is better to personalize each CV for each position. 

Personalization requires because the requirements can vary from one to another. Whether it is a Curriculum Vitae on paper or an online resume, applicants must modify it to suit each company.


5. Include too much information in the CV

The CV has four pages does not mean that it is better. The content is often worth more than the length, and it shouldn’t exceed two pages. 

One of the most common mistakes in the CV is to include irrelevant information for the position you are seeking. 

Such as, putting all the courses or certifications that you have done till now without having nothing to do with the applied position. Such stuffing may be considered academic training for granted (being a graduate and about high school studies), etc.


6. Use a language that is difficult to understand

Avoid using too many abbreviations, neologisms, and technicalities while preparing the CV.


7. Include hobbies that are not related to the position 

It is not an error to include hobbies in the Curriculum Vitae. But if they have nothing to do with the job, it is preferable not to put them.


8. Don’t be too creative in CV

It’s okay to be creative on the resume, but not at the cost of clarity. Candidates want to stand out. So, they make a CV with multiple colors, sizes, and fonts different from those commonly used. 

If a job applicant uses creativity in a balanced way, it can pay a good result.


9. Be inconsistent in CV 

Among the mistakes, lack of consistency is most often mistake made while writing the Curriculum Vitae. 

Before submitting the CV, check the dates well and check that everything fits with your work history.


10. Use the formal format of CV

Using non- formal fonts and bright colors will make it difficult to read the CV. 

Use a letter that is legible and of the right size. Try not to leave any blank spaces, adequately adapt the margins to the type of sheet to be used. It is better to avoid decorative elements.


12. Do not include false information 

Remember to include data that can be verified. There is no point in placing incorrect information such as work experience in a non-existent place or knowledge of languages ​​that we do not even know how to speak. 

Applicants must stay faithful. If they want to show that they are Good enough for the vacancy, they can sign up for a platform like the International Registrar of Employer and Employee Ratings. Here they can ask their current bosses/managers to rate/review them. Transparent reviews/rating is a legitimate method to increase the value of any CV without any malpractice.



It is better always to present yourself with the truth even if anyone is not being impressed with it. 

It is important because if a recruiter realizes that the data is incorrect, this could negatively affect the selection.

Making the curriculum is one of the most complicated tasks in the job search. But employees must not worry. These were a few of the most common mistakes applicants do. This guide will probably help anyone who is applying for a new job. And avoiding above explained common mistakes in CV, anyone can create a seamless, errorfree resume that can impress the recruiters.

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